La Perouse

The Reconciliation Church

The Reconciliation Church and office are situated at La Perouse (sometimes referred to as Phillip Bay), at 11 Yarra Road. We do not have a permanent priest attached to this church, however we have a visiting priest each month.

The Church is part of the Parish of St. Andrew’s at Malabar and has been refurbished in the spirit of Aboriginal culture and art. The work is a joint venture of St. Andrew’s Parish and the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry.

The Church and an office operate three days a week and besides its role of pastoral care to the local Catholics, we work to involve the Aboriginal Catholics in the wider community, national and international events. Elsie Heiss’s ministry work includes liturgies and other services at the church and also it often takes her out of the office to speak to many different groups, which include religious, school, ecumenical and multi-cultural groups, just to name a few.

Monthly Mass

Everyone is welcome to our Sunday masses, which are held at 11 am on the first Sunday of the month from February until December.  There is no mass in January and in October the mass is at a later date.

2016 Mass dates: 

7th February             Father Adrian Meaney.

6th March                  Father Darryl Mackie.

3rd April                     Father Jim Carty.

1st May                      Father Brian Vale.

5th June                     Priest to be advised.

3rd July                      Aboriginal Sunday with Father Frank Brennan

7th August                 Priest to be advised.

4th September           Father Kene Onwukwe.

October (TBA)            Father Adrian Meaney - This mass is held at the MSC Monastery Kensington outdoors.

6th November            Father Jack Evans.

4th December            Priest to be advised.



History of the Reconciliation Church Site

Aboriginal Art

The Reconciliation Church houses the Aboriginal Stations of the Cross and Madonna by Aboriginal artist Richard Campbell.

Richard Campbell is an accomplished Artist, who has been painting for approximately 30 years. He is self taught and is recognised as one of many Aboriginal artists who works with both contemporary and traditional mediums and symbols. He also is developing his skill and techniques in the area of abstract art.

Click here to find out more about Richard Campbell's art.






The Reconciliation Church is an asset to the community because faith gives strength against difficulties and people of faith are able to take on hard roles. A community needs to have an inner unity.

Father Frank Fletcher - Founding Priest of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Sydney.