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† The ACM's first Aboriginal Spiritual Pilgrimage took place in July. Read about it here. Aboriginal Spiritual Pilgrimage

† Have you ever wondered what inculturation is? Click here for a 'discussion starter" on the topic of Aboriginal inculturation of the Catholic Chuch. 

† Proceedings of the Aboriginal Liturgy conference held in June 2013 now available on the ACM blog - click here.

† The ACM has two monthly Aboriginal Masses. The first Sunday of the month at the Reconcilation Church at La Perouse and the third Sunday of the month at St Mary's Erskineville. Click here for more details.

 Reconcilation Week reflection click here





Take this Gospel into your own language and way of speaking; let its spirit penetrate your communities and determine your behaviour towards each other, let it bring new strength to your stories and your ceremonies.

Blessed Pope John Paul II