Social Justice

Aboriginal People and the Justice System

The 2011/2012 Catholic Social Justice Statement is all about justice and prisons. It is a sad fact that Aboriginal people are vastly over represented in the justice system and currently make up 26% of the prison population, even though they represent only 2.5 % of the population. Twenty years on from when the Royal Commission into Deaths in Custody report was handed down, the number of Aboriginal people in jail has continued to increase. 

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No member of the Church community can avoid the task of self-examination, of striving to eradicate racist attitudes, ignorance, insensitivity and apathy from his or her own life, and to challenge it in the lives of others. Nor can we remain indifferent in the face of incidents of personal or institutional injustice anywhere in Australia. 

Aborigines: A statement of concern
Catholic Bishops, 1978