Mass at The Reconciliation Church is rich in Aboriginal culture, celebrated through prayer, music and art. 

We welcome Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to join our masses which are held on the first Sunday of each month at 11 am, except for January.  Our October mass is now held outdoors at the Kensington MSC Monastery and our December mass is usually later in the month.  We share a light lunch after mass, where parishioners and visitors have the opportunity to meet community.  



5th February       Father Adrian Meaney

5th March          Darryl Mackie

2nd April            Father Jim Carty

7th May             Father Adrian Meaney

4th June            Father Brian Vale

2nd July ABORIGINAL SUNDAY Father Frank Brennan

6th August          Fr Gavin Foster

3rd September     Fr Darryl Mackie

22nd October      Father Adrian Meaney

5th November     Father Jack Evans

10th December    Bishop Terence Brady 









The Gospel is not an exclusive possession of those who have received it, but it is a gift to be shared, good news to be passed on to others.

Pope Benedict XVI- World Mission Statement